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Our Services:
By placing an order, you are purchasing the product strictly for your personal, non-commercial use. All our products are drafted by freelance experts who transfer all rights and ownership of the products to the company. The products this company delivers are completely original.

Order Cancellation
cancelling an order after payment has been made for it, and it has been assigned to a writer can only guarantee the customer a partial refund that is determined by the company. It is based on the amount of work that the writer has completed at the time of the cancellation.

if a customer finds any plagiarism in the final product, Pageswritng will gladly present the results of our own plagiarism check system it did on the product. If it is found that some parts of the document are plagiarized, we will revise the paper and reduce the plagiarism rate.
Payment Agreement
By accepting the terms and conditions, the customer automatically gives our company the permission to charge the total cost of the order placed to his or her credit card.

Deadlines and delays
Late orders qualify for a full refund if caused by obvious faults on the part of the writer: non-delivery of assignments, failure to find a writer for your paper before it is completed. All other cases qualify for a partial refund. We review each case individually.