Essays are an essential part of academic studies. Much has been said about how to improve the quality of essays, yet little is mentioned about making your essay stand out. What will make your paper special? Why would examiners single out YOUR paper and not anyone else’s? Do you think it is virtually impossible? You may want to consider a few tips on how to make your paper really stylish and cool.

Before giving any advice, it is crucial to single out two essential issues to keep in mind before crafting a paper: structure and content. These two aspects are inseparable. They are both to be equally observed and respected.

Structural Immaculateness

Once you have drafted your paper, had it proofread and amended, it is time to type the final copy. Bear in mind that hardly anyone will want to even read your paper if it is poorly formatted. Even though we don’t judge the book by its cover, this approach doesn’t work with academic papers. It is the format of your paper that will first catch the reader’s eye. As you are thinking about formatting your essay, follow the standards set by the Modern Language Association (MLA). The guidelines outlined by the Association are simple and easy to follow. If in doubt, you may always refer to them for clarification. When formatting your paper, pay a special attention to margins, paragraphs, spacing and font size. Never attempt to use larger spacing or font size to write less. This is highly unprofessional and will ruin the overall impression of your paper. While your first couple of papers could be challenging, as you develop the habit of following a particular format, your essays will gradually become more and more immaculate in terms of their structure.

Producing authentic content: revealing your own self through your writing

The most essential tip that goes above all others here is to be honest. It is only your opinion that really matters. Thus, as you write your paper, think about not what examiners want to hear, but about what you want to say. While it is important to read some other material related to your topic, it is still up to you how to organize and present these ideas in such a way that your own persona will be seen in this writing.

Understand the assignment correctly

1. Understand the assignment correctly.

Make sure you have got the topic of your essay right. Think it over. Try to present your arguments orally before putting them down on paper. As you read the title of your essay, define some key words in it. These key words should appear continuously throughout your essay. This will help you stick to the point and understand the problem you are discussing better.

Be specific

2. Be specific

Elegance and style come in precision. Be precise. Do not “pour water”. Instead of repeating one and the same idea, use counter arguments to debate an issue. On the one hand/on the other hand sentences are particularly useful here. Back up each counter argument with a good true-to-life example, and your essay will look professional and well prepared.

Be simple but not superficial

3. Be simple but not superficial

Elegance and style come in simple things. But simple doesn’t mean dull. Simplicity is a real art which is to be mastered before it becomes a habit. Avoid high flown phrases and unrealistic examples and situations. Stick to your own experience. Relate to real people and real world outside your window. Simple solutions often work better than some imaginary faraway thoughts and ideas.

Connect your ideas

4. Connect your ideas

Remember that your essay isn’t just about what you think, but also about how you can present your arguments logically. Your ideas and arguments should all be parts of a whole, not dispersed around some title. Thus, before even drafting your essay, look for some ideas and show how they are connected. What is a reason and what is a consequence. What comes first and what follows. Not the other way round. You are not writing a novel. The essay has its own style which is to be observed. Otherwise, you are wasting your time on what will not be granted a high grade.

Be bold!

5. Be bold!

Nothing can be remembered better than a breakthrough idea. Something that people never thought of before. Something not trivial, nontraditional, unconventional, revolutionary, brand new. Don’t chase ideas expressed before. You may agree with them and even quote them, but try to work out your own new fresh idea. This will make your paper stand out. Offer a solution. It may seem odd, but it is yours. Back it up with a couple of good arguments and real-life examples and let them stick in the reader’s mind. Be yourself and be brave to initiate a new debate, a breakthrough in conventional thinking, start a fire!