It goes without saying that crafting a successful college essay requires excellent language skills. However, the ability to organize thoughts and to deliver ideas logically and consistently is no less important. An essay is one of the ways to reveal your personality, your frame of mind, your inner world. A well-written essay is certainly beneficial in your academic progress. There are a number of ways how to improve the quality of your essay, yet there are just a few basic suggestions which will guide to a winning college paper.

1. Read the title of your college essay and let it sink!

It is surprisingly strange how students underrate the importance of reading the title carefully. It is the title which lays the foundation of a successful essay. The title basically summarizes your whole paper in just a few words. It is the backbone on which you will construct your ideas and organize your thoughts. First and foremost, read the title carefully and think it over thoroughly. What is your future essay going to be about?

2. Start by brainstorming your ideas!

The beginning is always the hardest part. However, a good beginning is half the battle! Don’t grab your pen and start writing immediately. Instead, look for some good ideas to relate to the title of your future essay. Do you have anything worth sharing? What will you write about? Make a plan, a tree diagram or a scheme, anything to give your ideas some organization. Use arrows or numbers to connect your ideas and show reasons and consequences.

3. Stick to the essay layout!

Before you write your first draft, bear in mind that your college essay requires a simple logical organization. A typical essay consists of three main parts: introduction, main body and conclusions. It is the main body of your essay where you are to deliver your ideas logically and consistently.

4. Make the first draft.

Drafting your future essay is really important if you want to get a good grade. Once you have made a plan of your future essay, express your ideas in your first draft. Don’t worry at this stage about the accuracy, but rather make sure you have stated your reasons and found some good examples to back them up. Are your examples appropriate? Do your ideas relate to the headline of your essay? These are among the few simple questions you have to ask yourself as you are making your first draft.

5. Stick to the point while making a final copy.

Keep reminding yourself about the title of your college essay and the ideas you expressed in your draft. Do these ideas reveal the headline of your essay? Are these ideas backed up with appropriate examples? Remember that genius is simplicity. Now, it is not our job to urge you to strive for a super perfect essay because there simply isn’t one. Instead, try to keep your essay consistent, precise and avoid unnecessary repetitions. Be honest, be yourself, reveal your own personality, not someone else’s. It is your own thoughts that matter.

6. Sleep on it!

While we all find it hard to work against deadlines and we often postpone writing papers to the very last moment, it is essential to give yourself some time to let your essay take a little rest! Finish your paper, turn off the light and go to bed. Try to forget about what you wrote. Clear your mind. Let it rest. The following day, read your essay once again. Is there anything to add or amend? Definitely! This practice really works. Give it a try!

7. Have your essay read by someone else.

You don’t need an expert to advise you on your paper. A roommate, a friend, a partner or your family member may be of great help here. Get them to read your college essay and comment on it. You never know where your next good ideas might come from!

8. Proofread your essay before submitting it.

Remember that a good essay not only reveals your mind, but it is also a reflection of your language aptitude. Even the most authentic ideas and examples will be marred by a poor use of the language. Read your paper through carefully and don’t hesitate to ask for some professional help if in doubt.

Writing a winning essay is certainly hard work. However, you can ease this process by firstly organizing yourself, and secondly by organizing your writing carefully. Remember, a skill strengthens with practice. After a few attempts you are most likely to develop a good writing style of your own provided you work hard and strive for excellence.

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